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  1. Hi Jeff! I met you briefly at the reading Sophie Powell hosted for the launch of my novel-on-a-blog, Veronica's Nap, last September. I know Marie from Twitter and various Boston book-type circles. Not long ago I found a link about your blog and am intrigued.

    I'd love to hear how it's going, and to see the earlier chapters, which I can't find on the site. (Might be my own online clumsiness...) I'd also be interested in connecting via e-mail about emerging groups of people like you and me in the Boston area I'm organizing along with one of the directors of Grub St. Could you e-mail or DM me w/ your addy if that's ok? sharon@connaissancemedia.com or @sharonbially on Twitter.


  2. Hi Sharon --

    Thanks for stopping by the site! I do remember you, and I'll e-mail you shortly about your inquiry.

    As for reading earlier chapters, you can access the Prologue in one of two ways:

    (1) by clicking the "Start reading here" link at the end of the first paragraph in the About "The Matter of Dreams" block in the left hand column,


    (2) by clicking on "Earlier Chapters" under the Chapter List, also in the left hand column.

    Thanks, and happy reading!



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