Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Matter of Dreams: Chapter 11.1

Aleph-Three: Lily x Matthew
Living History
            “So, you’ll be there for the game on Saturday, right?”
            “Can’t.  Debbie’s mom’s in town.”
            “Are you kidding me?  We’re up against Boonton!  You hate those guys.”
            “I know, I wish I could, but...hey, is that light supposed to be flashing?”
            “Which light?”
            “It says ‘CFA.’”
            “Lemme look that one up...yeah, here it is.  Huh.  Well, that’s not right.”
            “What’s not right?”
            “Says here it stands for ‘Cognitive Function Alert.’”
            “Like, brain activity?  That can’t be right.”
            “That’s what I said.”
            “So what do we do?”
            “Probably a wire crossed; those monitors are ancient.  Try tapping it.”
            “Yeah, okay... nope, still lit.”
            “Hit it harder.  Give it a good smack.”
            “You give it a good smack.  I’m not going to be the one who breaks it.”
            “It’s broken already, it has to be.  There hasn’t been so much as a belch out of the veggies in twenty years.  Probably not enough brain left to fill a shot glass.”
            “Maybe we should go check?”
            “I hate going down there, it smells like the crooked rest home we stuck my grandfather in.”
            “Real nice.”
            “Oh, piss off.  He was a mean old son-of-a-bitch.”
            “So, we going or not?”
            “Just send the bot.”
            “What if something’s going on down there?”
            “I told you, nothing’s going on.  But if there is, you want to walk into it?”
            “Good point... all right, bot’s up and on its way.”
            “I wish we could take it outside sometime – swap in a paintball gun.  Can you imagine what it would be like in a woodsball match?”
            “Oh, man...they’d crap themselves seeing that crashing through the forest toward them.”
            “The bot’s there.”
            “Right, let’s settle this.  Put the feed up on the monitor.”
            “All right.  There it...whoa.”
            “Holy crap.”
            “Maybe we’d better...”
            “Call him.  Right now.”
* * *
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